Lolita Blog Carnival: Personnal lolita goals for 2015

~My lolita new years resolutions~

*Get to know my local community
(there is a meeting in january, I hope I won't be too shy >///<)
*Take more pictures of my daily outfits
*Learn new hairstyles that are more suited for classic lolita
*Buy more brown clothes 
*Buy underskirts! I'm quite tall so I need my skirts to be at least 57cm long... (and slightly longer skirts look better with classic in my opinion.)
*Find some casual lolita clothes for work!! (Hopefully I'll be a librarian in september 2015 >_< I can't wait to actually work!)

A small wishlist:

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Sparkling girl


Happy international lolita day!

Happy international lolita day!

I'm very sorry about the lack of posts in the last couple of months...I'm incredibly busy with university and I don't have time for anything ç_ç'
 I'll have more time to post soon, so stay tuned <3