✩ ~ Happy new year everyone ~ ✩

✩ ~ Happy new year everyone ~ ✩

I won't make a detailed retrospective about last year.
In lolita related events, I sold nearly my whole gothic/old school gothic wardrobe for a classic wardrobe (and I'm still not contented with it...), I went to Paris and to Bruges (Bruges is such a perfect place for lolita!) and I tried to wear lolita almost daily.
I made my first internship ever, in a library, after an awesome year with really nice classmates , learning to become a librarian.

I am very grateful for 2014. It hasn't always been easy for me, but 2013 and 2014 were two years I won't never forget. I hope my whole life will be this perfect ♡

How went 2014 for you? Do you have any new year's resolution?

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  1. Bonne année à toi ! Ah, tu as vendu du « lourd » ? Bon le classique te va très bien de toutes façons, et puis finalement même tes études et ta future profession vont dans ce sens aussi. J'aime bien aussi ce réflexe de décréter telle ville ou tel lieu loliable, combien de modes vestimentaires font naître ces réflexes ? Petits détails qui font aimer le Lolita.