Review: Pumpkin Cat blouse

I would give this blouse a 4,5/5.

The fabric is beautiful : it's chiffon, and it's not sea-through at all ! The buttons are very cute and detailed, and the brooch is made of gros grain ribbon, which I love.
They put the gros grain ribbon, the back lacing ribbon (made of satin) and an extra button in a seperate little bag, so they don't get all wrinkled in the package.
I only give this blouse a 4,5 because the right sleeve is tighter than the left one. It is not noticeable when worn, but it can be incommodating.
As for the price, I paid $38 including Taobaoring's service's fees, which is quite cheap for such good quality! (it's better quality than Bodyline in my opinion, and cheaper.)
I wanted to order the matching JSK, but unfortunatly I'm too tall for it T_T

I can't wait to order from this brand again~!

(I can't include my own picture because it was too dark to take pictures, but I'll add it as soon as possible~)

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