♣ Wardrobe post 2014 ♣

My wardrobe changed a lot since I bought my first lolita clothes -in 2007.
As I said in my presentation, I want now a more toned-down style, so I'm not really into lace monsters anymore. (even if I still find them absolutely perfect *-*)  What I'm more into, is florals. Prints, gobelin, jaquard....Anything with flowers. It's easily noticeable on pictures... ^^' I also love beautiful fabrics, such as velvet and jacquard.

I need more basics (I'd like to find a wine JSK)  and to find the perfect pair of shoes that can go with everything~
(I forgot to add my shoes, but they're just black mary janes from Bodyline~)




Baby the stars - Métamorphose

Innocent World

(I actually have THIS jsk and THIS op at my parent's.)

Mystery Garden - Surface Spell


Bodyline x 2 , Atelier Pierrot

Cutsews / bolero / blouses :

Emily Temple Cute, Victorian Maiden
Bodyline, Mary Magdalene

Pumking Cat
I also wear casual cutsews from Taobao or axes femmes, but I choose not to include them in my wardrobe post. You can check them here~


Back row: Innocent World, ClafouTean Moi-même-Moitié
Fron row: Moi-même-Moitié, Innocent World
I definitly need more jewerly, but I can't find what I want... (I want the first necklace in silver, and the matching bracelet ç_ç)
The headpiece is from Mur Melche
I have more than one rose of each color, but it was easier to show
it like this~

Chantilly - Innocent World - Bodyline

Innocent World
Alice ans the pirates - Baby the stars - Métamorphose


Offbrand- Bodyline
Métamorphose - Innocent World

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