~Building my classic wardrobe~

I recently sold quite a big part of my wardrobe to buy more classic (or even casual) lolita items. I was lucky enough to find some very beautiful pieces I had been looking for for years.

First, my first lolita jacket, from Victorian Maiden:

I love it, it looks so elegant when worn~ and it's warm enough for spring and automn.

I also bought two JSK from Innocent World

Acanthus JSK

I can't take a good picture of mine T_T

The fabric is light and soft. And the flocky print... <3 This JSK is just perfect!

?? JSK:

I don't know its name...However, I love the bodice and the chiffon skirt! It can be worn with or without a pannier, so I wear it a lot as a "normal" dress.

A cutsew, still from Innocent World:

I love the lace!! It can be worn under a JSK or with a skirt, and it's light enough to be worn on summer!

I also got some tights from Victorian Maiden, but didn't manage to take a good picture of it.
They are the ones:

I didn't realize I had bought so much black...I should look for some ivory and florals now~
I like wearing classic better than old school lolita, which is a good thing. It is also more suitable for work. (I worked in a library and noboby told me anything about the way I dressed. I'm glad, since I want to work in a library after I graduate~)

Next time I'll make a review of the VM bolero I ordered and its Bodyline replica!

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  1. Tu as fait tout plein de jolies acquisitions ces derniers mois!! (>w<)
    Le classic te va trop bien! Le old school et le classic te vont à merveille! ♥
    Oui tu devrais acheter plus de fleuri! (en plus nous serons bientôt en été *voix du mal voix du mal*) Ta collection de chaussettes fleuries me donne envie d'en acheter! XD
    Je recherchais exactement le type de blouse que tu as acheté chez Pumpkin cat mais en blanc pour aller avec ma robe rouge Baby! J'ai vu aussi qu'ils ont une OP blanche Hime très jolie! (si on vire les nœuds dorés bien sûr!) Aaah il faut que je fasse une commande Taobao! (T3T)