Lolita Blog Carnival: 3 Things you'd tell your beginner lolita self (Looking back)

Again, a nostalgic LBC's theme~

1- Be more patient

*Do not buy GLB, buy lolita! In my town, there was a bookshop where I could buy GLB, and...I basicaly spent most of my allowance there. And has much as I am now proud of my collection, I realize that I should have save up to buy more lolita clothes...

*Take your time to finish your handmade clothes!
I always rushed the last steps of my sewings projects, not taking time to properly hem them etc...Making them almost improper to wear.

2- Do not buy this Baby pannier!!!
Buying this pannier was a honest mistake. I didn't speak english at the time, so I couldn't  check reviews online. A few months after Baby Paris opened, I bought their Tulle pannier (it was 100€!!! T_T It was incredibly expensive for me then.) It lasted ~1 month. I SPENT 100€ FOR A PANNIER THAT LASTED ONE MONTH. I'm still angry when I think about it...
At least now, I am very careful with the panniers I buy~

3- You too, will have a wardrobe full of lolita. I waited a long time for brand .I bought my first brand clothes in (late) 2007. I knew about lolita around 2004~2005...Maybe if I had bought clothes instead of GLB....


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