Review: Axes femme 's 2 way Lace up boots (2wayレースアップブーツ)

I went to Paris yesterday to see some friends of mine who live there (I'll make a post about my day later~) , and went to the Anecdote shop~
There, I saw the boots and...It was love at the first sight. I was searching for something similar since a long time, I'm so happy <3
They match classic lolita so well I had to buy them! (I can't get VM's because their heels are always so high....) And since it matches lolita really well, I thought that making a quick review would be useful!

I've worn them for 4 days , so I think it's a bit too early to know how much time the'll last... But I can say that they are very confortable. It's almost like you're not wearing heels but slippers! (you have to know that I've never worn heels before because I can't walk with high heels shoes, but I have NO problem walking or even running with these!)
The "fabric" is soft and I love every detail!

My photos~

The fur is soft~ But I won't wear it though. >.<

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  1. Elles sont belles ces bottines Axes! (*__*) Je suis contente que tu y ais trouvé ton bonheur et elles te vont bien!