♣ Wardrobe post 2014 ♣

My wardrobe changed a lot since I bought my first lolita clothes -in 2007.
As I said in my presentation, I want now a more toned-down style, so I'm not really into lace monsters anymore. (even if I still find them absolutely perfect *-*)  What I'm more into, is florals. Prints, gobelin, jaquard....Anything with flowers. It's easily noticeable on pictures... ^^' I also love beautiful fabrics, such as velvet and jacquard.

I need more basics (I'd like to find a wine JSK)  and to find the perfect pair of shoes that can go with everything~
(I forgot to add my shoes, but they're just black mary janes from Bodyline~)




Baby the stars - Métamorphose

Innocent World

(I actually have THIS jsk and THIS op at my parent's.)

Mystery Garden - Surface Spell


Bodyline x 2 , Atelier Pierrot

Cutsews / bolero / blouses :

Emily Temple Cute, Victorian Maiden
Bodyline, Mary Magdalene

Pumking Cat
I also wear casual cutsews from Taobao or axes femmes, but I choose not to include them in my wardrobe post. You can check them here~


Back row: Innocent World, ClafouTean Moi-même-Moitié
Fron row: Moi-même-Moitié, Innocent World
I definitly need more jewerly, but I can't find what I want... (I want the first necklace in silver, and the matching bracelet ç_ç)
The headpiece is from Mur Melche
I have more than one rose of each color, but it was easier to show
it like this~

Chantilly - Innocent World - Bodyline

Innocent World
Alice ans the pirates - Baby the stars - Métamorphose


Offbrand- Bodyline
Métamorphose - Innocent World


Review: Pumpkin Cat blouse

I would give this blouse a 4,5/5.

The fabric is beautiful : it's chiffon, and it's not sea-through at all ! The buttons are very cute and detailed, and the brooch is made of gros grain ribbon, which I love.
They put the gros grain ribbon, the back lacing ribbon (made of satin) and an extra button in a seperate little bag, so they don't get all wrinkled in the package.
I only give this blouse a 4,5 because the right sleeve is tighter than the left one. It is not noticeable when worn, but it can be incommodating.
As for the price, I paid $38 including Taobaoring's service's fees, which is quite cheap for such good quality! (it's better quality than Bodyline in my opinion, and cheaper.)
I wanted to order the matching JSK, but unfortunatly I'm too tall for it T_T

I can't wait to order from this brand again~!

(I can't include my own picture because it was too dark to take pictures, but I'll add it as soon as possible~)


Review: Mystery Garden JSK

My first review~

I would give this JSK a 5/5 !

I asked Mystery Garden a customised JSK. It took her 3 weeks to make it. She sent me a picture of the finished product before shipping it. I think it was it was really nice of her.

The JSK itself is perfect in every way. The fabric is beautiful, soft, and doesn't wrinkle at all. She made it to my mesurements so it fits me perfectly. I love the three layers of frills on the skirt *-*

I can't wait to order from Mystery Garden again <3

♣ Introduction ♣

♣ Welcome to my new blog ♣

The other one were becoming a bit slow and I didn't felt like going on with it...
so I'm creating a new one!

I'm a french lolita. I've been lolita for 7 years now, and I mostly wear classic/gothic lolita. My style used to be more old school, but it doesn't match my lolita ideal anymore.
This september, I decided to only wear what I like, so I'm wearing lolita a lot since then~ 

My old-school self

I'll post my coordinations, as well as reviews ~ (indies brands, Taobao...) I'd like to create a useful blog, the kind of blog I like reading ^^

(I am fully aware that my english is far from perfect...I'll do my best~)