I went to Bruges with a friend last saturday. I didn't expect anything from this trip, but I felt in love with this beautiful town!

Everything there was perfect, from the buildings to the scenery~

First, this is what I wore. I wanted a simple outfit, with a fairytale feeling. I'm glad I finally managed to make a coordination with these socks!

JSK, cutsew, socks, necklace: Innocent World
Boots, bracelet: Axes femmes


Lolita Blog Carnival: 3 Things you'd tell your beginner lolita self (Looking back)

Again, a nostalgic LBC's theme~

1- Be more patient

*Do not buy GLB, buy lolita! In my town, there was a bookshop where I could buy GLB, and...I basicaly spent most of my allowance there. And has much as I am now proud of my collection, I realize that I should have save up to buy more lolita clothes...

*Take your time to finish your handmade clothes!
I always rushed the last steps of my sewings projects, not taking time to properly hem them etc...Making them almost improper to wear.

2- Do not buy this Baby pannier!!!
Buying this pannier was a honest mistake. I didn't speak english at the time, so I couldn't  check reviews online. A few months after Baby Paris opened, I bought their Tulle pannier (it was 100€!!! T_T It was incredibly expensive for me then.) It lasted ~1 month. I SPENT 100€ FOR A PANNIER THAT LASTED ONE MONTH. I'm still angry when I think about it...
At least now, I am very careful with the panniers I buy~

3- You too, will have a wardrobe full of lolita. I waited a long time for brand .I bought my first brand clothes in (late) 2007. I knew about lolita around 2004~2005...Maybe if I had bought clothes instead of GLB....


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Today's outfit: un après midi à Paris (n°2~)

As I said in my previous post, I went to Paris last sunday~

Here is the outfit I wore:

 Cutsew, jacket: Victorian Maiden
Skirt: Bodyline
Bag: Loris
Everything else is offbrand.

Review: Axes femme 's 2 way Lace up boots (2wayレースアップブーツ)

I went to Paris yesterday to see some friends of mine who live there (I'll make a post about my day later~) , and went to the Anecdote shop~
There, I saw the boots and...It was love at the first sight. I was searching for something similar since a long time, I'm so happy <3
They match classic lolita so well I had to buy them! (I can't get VM's because their heels are always so high....) And since it matches lolita really well, I thought that making a quick review would be useful!

I've worn them for 4 days , so I think it's a bit too early to know how much time the'll last... But I can say that they are very confortable. It's almost like you're not wearing heels but slippers! (you have to know that I've never worn heels before because I can't walk with high heels shoes, but I have NO problem walking or even running with these!)
The "fabric" is soft and I love every detail!

My photos~

The fur is soft~ But I won't wear it though. >.<


Lolita Blog Carnival : Your most prized lolita piece

The most precious item in my wardrobe is Moi-même-Moitié's Velvet Candelabra Lace onepiece, in royal blue.

I saw it for the first time in the GLB 16. It was the first GLB I bought, and I just discovered lolita at that time.The girl wearing it in red truly looked like a doll, I admired her a lot. It was around 2005.

Wine red and black versions. Both photos come from the GLB 16
And suddenly, the dress appeared on the sales comm, IN ROYAL BLUE. Blue and velvet was the best combination for me. The dress I loved so badly existed in a royal blue version, was made in velvet, and had  a gorgeous lace?! (I never saw any close up of the lace before that) It quickly became my dream dress, and I bought it immediatly. I was lucky enough to be the only person interested in it T^T

I wore it very rarely. It is really precious, and...a bit too short T_T

Even if I don't wear it and that its only purpose in my wardrobe is to be on my mannequin . I think I could never part with it. It is the most "lolita" item I own, the closer to the doll-like aesthetic.


Lolita Blog Carnival: The picture that made you fall in love with lolita

The week's LBC theme is: "The Picture That Made You Fall In Love With Lolita"

I searched for almost an hour, to finally realize that it wasn't just one picture, but hundreds that made me fall in love in the first place. It was the spirit, the atmosphere, more than the clothes, than made me want to be a Lolita. When a friend introduced me to lolita, I went to look at pictures. I mostly found blogs (skyblogs (french reader will understand)^^'), where pictures where indeed showed, but where lolita was explained too. It was circa 2004-2005, and what we call "lifestyle lolitas" now was the regular Lolitas in these days. There were rules, not only about the clothes, but also about what kind of music you had to listen to, what kind of food you have to eat and not eat, how you have to behave...I was a beginner so I didn't know that there weren't real rules (but more like guidelines xD) but I loved it anyway.
The atmosphere where way darker than today's lolita. Even sweet lolita was darker. It was closer to the name "Dolores"...

Anyway, I felt in love with the atmosphere, not with only one picture. This is why I won't just post one picture, but some pictures and videos that influenced me when I started.
Most of these photos come from Gothic & Lolita Bible's snap, but there's also pictures of dolls and artworks.

From the website Garasudama
I love all the photos from this website. Almost every style is represented, and every photoshoot is like a story.

From Fairy wish's website. It is just so enchanting <3

Artwork and dolls, as I said. I wanted to look like that doll ^^"

Snaps! From Alice Doll and GLB.(check Avant gauche if you don't know this awesome website already!) There's a lot and black and white...I loved this combination to pieces *-* I also loved lacy monsters and huge plateforms...I do miss this style even if I am not confident enough anymore to wear it T^T

And finally.... Mana sama. I used to be a huge fangirl of him. I loved Moi dix Mois and Malice Mizer. Their song, their outfits...it was magical <3 I used to choose a dress by listening to MM , and if it didn't "match" the song, then I woudn't buy it xD Ah, good times~


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