Lolita Blog Carnival: Create a coord and a menu for a lolita picnic

I just joined the Lolita blog carnival group, and this is my first post~ I didn't thought that I'll participate so quickly but this topic inspired me!

When I think about lolita places, they're always surrended by nature (like forests.). Malice Mizer's movie Verte aile had a huge influence on me when I started lolita. Especially this scene:

And besides, natures's the perfect place to have a picnic!

~The coordination~
As I mostly wear classic lolita, I made a classic lolita picnic coord.

Click for a larger picture!

Links to the different items:

I know this coordinate may seem a bit too simple, but I choose to stick to my own tastes and not to go for originality just because I feel I have to.

I started this coordinate with the bag and the umbrella. I had seen the bag on VM's website a while ago, and I remembered thinking "that would be the perfect item for a picnic!" (and also the kind of item I would never buy: it is way too expensive for such a specific use-item) The umbrella is just a must-have for every summer item! I wouldn't want to tan!

~The menu~

Click for a larger picture!
I prefer sweet to savory, so I mostly picked sweet food ^^'
I wanted to avoid sweets like macarons, because we see them everywhere...
I picked fresh food: vegetable and fruits, and macha, because macha reminds me of summer for some reason~ And also macha x raspberry cakes are the best cakes ever!

Link to recipes:

Cucumber & herb triple-deckers
Citrus iced tea

Macha and raspberries mini cakes


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