VIctorian Maiden's elegant lace ribbon bolero review

VM's elegant lace ribbon bolero
Hi everyone~

Since I bought both the original elegan tlace ribbon bolero and its replica from Bodyline, I decided to post a quick review of both!

Even if they look quite similar, the VM bolero is better constructed. The BL's bolero's collar isn't as elegant as the VM's. Less fabric has been used to do it, too. (you can see that there is less frills) The fabric looks similar but it is thinner on the BL's bolero (and of course, there was no bow on it)

The BL bolero is cheaper (you can't find it on BL's site but you can find it in second hand), and not as beautiful and well-made, but it is worth the price, while the VM bolero can seem too expensive if bought new (~15000yen)

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