Todays outfit!: Un après-midi à Paris

I went to see a lolita friend in Paris a few days ago~

My outfit of the day:

Bolero: Victorian Maiden
JSK, necklace: Innocent World
Bag: Loris
Hairpins, shoes, tights: offbrand
 My hair-do was inspired by this artwork:
My friend actually had  the same hair style by accident!We really have similar tastes in lolita~
It was really hot, so I had to settle for light fabrics and short sleeves.

We spent most of our day in the "japanese district" (where you can buy/ eat japanese).
We first went to Book off (a second hand shop for japanese goodies), where I bought two manga and a book to study for this year's JLPT 3. *finger crossed*
Then we went to Aki, a japanese bakery. I had everything that had macha in it!! A cookie, a muffin, and a small cake. And of course, macha iced tea! I had missed macha sooo badly! T_T// I just couldn't resist...

Finally, we went to Axes femme. I ony bought a bracelet, I'm proud of myself! The shop is quite small but it's beautiful~

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