Todays outfit!: Un après-midi à Paris

I went to see a lolita friend in Paris a few days ago~

My outfit of the day:

Bolero: Victorian Maiden
JSK, necklace: Innocent World
Bag: Loris
Hairpins, shoes, tights: offbrand
 My hair-do was inspired by this artwork:
My friend actually had  the same hair style by accident!We really have similar tastes in lolita~
It was really hot, so I had to settle for light fabrics and short sleeves.

We spent most of our day in the "japanese district" (where you can buy/ eat japanese).
We first went to Book off (a second hand shop for japanese goodies), where I bought two manga and a book to study for this year's JLPT 3. *finger crossed*
Then we went to Aki, a japanese bakery. I had everything that had macha in it!! A cookie, a muffin, and a small cake. And of course, macha iced tea! I had missed macha sooo badly! T_T// I just couldn't resist...

Finally, we went to Axes femme. I ony bought a bracelet, I'm proud of myself! The shop is quite small but it's beautiful~


VIctorian Maiden's elegant lace ribbon bolero review

VM's elegant lace ribbon bolero
Hi everyone~

Since I bought both the original elegan tlace ribbon bolero and its replica from Bodyline, I decided to post a quick review of both!

Even if they look quite similar, the VM bolero is better constructed. The BL's bolero's collar isn't as elegant as the VM's. Less fabric has been used to do it, too. (you can see that there is less frills) The fabric looks similar but it is thinner on the BL's bolero (and of course, there was no bow on it)

The BL bolero is cheaper (you can't find it on BL's site but you can find it in second hand), and not as beautiful and well-made, but it is worth the price, while the VM bolero can seem too expensive if bought new (~15000yen)


Lolita Blog Carnival: Create a coord and a menu for a lolita picnic

I just joined the Lolita blog carnival group, and this is my first post~ I didn't thought that I'll participate so quickly but this topic inspired me!

When I think about lolita places, they're always surrended by nature (like forests.). Malice Mizer's movie Verte aile had a huge influence on me when I started lolita. Especially this scene:

And besides, natures's the perfect place to have a picnic!

~The coordination~
As I mostly wear classic lolita, I made a classic lolita picnic coord.

Click for a larger picture!

Links to the different items:

I know this coordinate may seem a bit too simple, but I choose to stick to my own tastes and not to go for originality just because I feel I have to.

I started this coordinate with the bag and the umbrella. I had seen the bag on VM's website a while ago, and I remembered thinking "that would be the perfect item for a picnic!" (and also the kind of item I would never buy: it is way too expensive for such a specific use-item) The umbrella is just a must-have for every summer item! I wouldn't want to tan!

~The menu~

Click for a larger picture!
I prefer sweet to savory, so I mostly picked sweet food ^^'
I wanted to avoid sweets like macarons, because we see them everywhere...
I picked fresh food: vegetable and fruits, and macha, because macha reminds me of summer for some reason~ And also macha x raspberry cakes are the best cakes ever!

Link to recipes:

Cucumber & herb triple-deckers
Citrus iced tea

Macha and raspberries mini cakes


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Happy international lolita day!

...and sorry for being one day late ^^;
I hope you all had a wonderful day, wearing your favourite outfit!

I  couldn't wear lolita yesterday for several reasons, but I still wanted to put a cute and summer-y outfit together, the kind of outfit I would have worn~

Bolero: Bodyline (VM replica)
JSK, necklace: Innocent World
Tights: Victorian Maiden
Bag: Loris (MM replica)
Headband: offrand
Bracelet: Moi-même-Moitié
Necklace: Innocent World
Tights: Victorian Maiden